"There is one more thing though. You did ruin my last game with Rhaegos. You thought I have forgotten? Or that I have forgiven? A Dragon never does either..."
Zoralth to The Faultless Arrow
Zoralth is one of the legendary great red dragons. He lives in the Dragon Mountains south of Rubia.
Dragon fire
He has been fighting his nemesis the golden dragon Rhaegos for millennia, the latest entry in this endless feud was Zoralth's attempt to put his followers in control of Feyburn, which was thwarted by The Faultless Arrow.

During the invasion of Rubia he initially chose not to get involved as Rhaegos had already started fighting the Imperium as Feyburn was under his protection. Only after the Imperium had slain Rhaegos with an Edict did he decide to join the fight by allying with Rubia at The Faultless Arrow's behest.

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