Through party's adventures, many of the party members got cursed, some multiple times. In this page we list all the wicked curses. Having a curse is generally looked down upon, but it makes for a good bar story. Also rebellious teenagers (Chad) find them cool.

Illithid nightmares Edit

Under Dewport, party (Chad, K, Damos, Gruntz, Ravagella) was cursed by Arya the mindflayer after they had a standoff with her. They now sometimes have tentacle nightmares or see hallucinations with Illythids.

Banished from libraries Edit

After violating the rules of Great Temple of Libros, the party (Haereldor, Calenor, Chad, Damos, Ravagella) was attacked by shadows. It was also made clear to them that this will now happen in any library on both continents. Calenor later made generous donations to Libros that partially alleviated this problem for him, but the other party members still have to watch out.

Animal fear Edit

The Haereldor's disposable badgers ran out in Tomb of Horrors. No animal across the planes wants to be summoned by him. Obad-hai granted them a sense of primal fear that they now experience when they feel the summoning, so they jump away from the spell.

Curses of the fog Edit

Two of the party members entered the magical fog in Ylsa without a guide. The effects are full of substantial whimsy:

  • (131) Werefarmer curse (Chad has it now)
  • (706) Toilet earthquakes (Haereldor has it now)
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