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Time Dragons are a now extinct species of dragons. They ruled over the Western Continent in the Ancient Era, before most of them were eradicated during the invasion of the East. The remaining Time Dragons went into hiding, but their numbers were so small that their species was bound to go extinct.

They were said to be regal, almost god-like figures, who are directly tied to the fabric of reality, and the flow of time, in a way that other beings cannot comprehend. There are legends that time dragons were actually the guardians of the timeline itself. People telling these legends believe Time Dragons cannot be fully extinct, else time itself would have ceased to exist.

Time dragons are said to have hoards unlike any other dragon, for theirs consist of artifacts from across history, and items that have been lost to time. It is believed their lairs actually exist at a point in time from before civilization came about, making them virtually impossible to reach.

The Last (?) Time Dragon Edit

The Faultless Arrow encountered a time dragon during the time they spent in the Protectorate of Sol. This alone seems to contradict the above claim that time dragons must be completely extinct. However, the Arrow did kill the dragon they encountered (which is not a widely known fact, and neither is them finding a time dragon), and as such it remains an open question whether there are any more of them left.

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