"The Frying Pan" is one of the poorer regions of the Protectorate of Sol. The region always has been an uninhabitable desert, with the exception of a few spots of oases, and the dry forest to the South (Forest of the Dishonored). Most of its present habitants are humans and humanoids who arrived from the Old Continent, and are now living in Port Umana.

Port Umana Edit

Port Umana (”Port of Humans”) is the entry city to the Protectorate of Sol, situated in The Frying Pan.
Soon after the establishment of the Protectorate, Sol deemed it necessary to build an entry city to the West, accompanied by a Greater Temple in the region. This way, seekers of knowledge who arrived from the Old Continent would be met and have their requests evaluated at a semi-isolated place, from where it is impossible to pose any threat to the peace of the Protectorate.

Even today, Port Umana is mostly populated by officials of the Protectorate, merchants who transfer goods between the continents, and humans (elves, dwarves, etc.) who weren’t granted access to the interior of the country.

Forest of the Dishonored Edit

After the Divine Intervention, the souls of the dead Eastern fighters weren’t allowed to depart the Material Plane, but got tied up in their dishonor over killing innocent creatures. They were banished to the coastal forest now called "Forest of the Dishonored".

Due to the concentrated negative energy of the forest, several wizards and alchemists have tried to experiment in the area in the last hundreds of years, to understand life, death, and ultimately achieve immortality. These attempts have been frowned upon in the Protectorate, but the Forest of the Dishonored has been considered a lawless zone, where they have at least been tolerated.

Lush Gardens Outpost Edit

This natural oasis is the official center of The Frying Pan. It houses hundreds of wealthy merchants and nobles, as well as the head of The Frying Pan, the angel Gadriel.

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