The Burned Man is a former member of the Legion of Valor (V. Imperial Legion) who survived the Edict of Fire at Oringrad.
Burned man

He is a member of a proud noble family who have served the Imperium for generations. Due to his fighting prowess, obedience and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor, he was allowed to join the Legion of Valor. He served well until that faithful day at Oringrad when the Edict struck. Spears of fire rained from the sky and a giant wall of flames descended in front of his unit. His orders were to hold, but fear gripped his heart: he dropped his weapon and ran, leaving his brothers and sisters-in-arms behind. In a blink of an eye his entire unit was turned to ash and soon the flames caught up with him as well. The fire burned his body, melted his armor, but for some reason he did not die. He became the sole survivor of the V. Legion.

When he awoke he found that his armor has melted and fused with his body. It saved his life, but he was trapped in it, condemning him to a miserable existence without comfort where every movement requires great effort. He somehow managed to get back to the Imperium, where he found himself to be an embarrassment: a coward who ran and survived. They couldn't even strip him of his armor, and not for the lack of trying. In the end he was sentenced to join the Dishonored, the penal battalion of the Legion.

His real name was initially not known to the party, he dares not to use it to avoid bringing dishonor to his family. But it seems the Gods still have a purpose for him: he has been told that he will have a part to play. He joined with The Faultless Arrow in Eremus Minor in their quest to find the Godhammer.

It turned out the Gods really had a plan for him. Due to his unique condition only he could disarm the barrier around the portal to Isdalf's laboratory. But even his armor could not protect him from the elements of the Fire Plane which vaporized him. But before that he revealed that his real name was Livius Aedinius. The party only found out later that he was the cousin of their comrade, Calenor.

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