Sylnerion has been the summer residence of kings and queens of Rubia for generations. Situated in the Nightingale Woods, just East of Dewport, it is ideal for hunting, and cool enough to be enjoyable during the hottest summer months.

Origins of "Sylnerion" Edit

The current manor was once an elven castle with the same name. The castle, as well as the nearby forest was abandoned by the elves hundreds of years ago. When found by men, it was claimed by the great-great-grandfather of Queen Merilda III as a royal property, then rebuilt in the more bulky style of humans.

Royal Court Edit

During the Battle of Oringrad the Royal Palace was destroyed by the Edict of Fire. Thus, Queen Merilda needed a new, both elegant and large enough, as well as tactically well-positioned royal court. Her Majesty's decision fell on Sylnerion: it is in the heart of Rubia, on lands never claimed by the Minthras Imperium, and it has convenient access to the sea through Dewport. The expansion of Sylnerion began soon after, and it is expected the Royal Court can permanently move there in a few months.

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