Excerpts from Rick Elves' "Cascadia through the Back Door: Surujabâzar and the Northern Plains":

Surujabazar Regional Map
"The city of Surujabâzar is situated in the Northern Plains along the Kibil-nâla River in the shadow of the ˈErdâr Balbîth Mountains, a steep, but scenic, chain of mountains. It is part of the Kingdom of Cascadia, in the Free State of Dwarrowdale. The mostly human inhabitants of the city have had contact with dwarves for a long time. This makes it the premier trading hub between the dwarves of Cascadia and the rest of the continent. Dwarves and humans mix and mingle in this town like no-where else in this world. Sometimes you can even see half-dwarves, which are rare to non-existent anywhere else. A large part of the local culture is based on dwarvish culture. The beers that are offered are dwarvish brews, renowned in many realms. The local dialect incorporates dwarvish words, a short glossary of which is given in the back of the book. All signs in the city are bi-lingual and Cascadian dwarfish can often be heard alongside common. The inhabitants are grumpy and laborious for most of the year, but for two weeks in the fall they let their hair down and partey. The Alefest of Zallûna is what makes this city famous all over the continent."
Surujabazar City map

"Surujabâzar boasts many fine establishments, but these taverns stand out:

The Ceaseless Ale

First-time visitors shouldn’t miss The Ceaseless Ale, a place that really lives up to its name. Although it’s grotesquely touristy, it’s a Surujabâzar must. An ale hall is a classic Surujabâzar amdum scene. Amdum is the perfect word for Dwarrowdale’s special coziness and knack for savoring the moment. It’s particularly strong during the Alefest, but you can feel it anytime by spending an evening in a frothy ale hall, clinking mugs with new friends, immersed in a boisterous and belching Cascadian atmosphere.

Barbarian’s Brew

When I was in Surujabâzar with my local guide, Gramnur, we stopped by his favorite tavern, The Barbarian’s Brew. They have a big wooden keg out on display. Every few minutes you hear a “whop” as they tap a classic old wooden keg. Hearing this, every Cascadian there knows they’re in for a good fresh mug. The atmosphere can be rowdy at times and the clientele might be less than savory, but the ale floweth and floweth.

The Dwarf’s Beard

This delightful tavern is the local haunt of the blacksmiths, whitesmiths, farriers, and tinkers of the Forge Quarter. The Forge Quarter is always busy, day and night. The atmosphere is convivial and drinking companions can be found at any time. I do not recommend staying here, unless you find the incessant whomping of hammers and clinking of glasses to be relaxing.

The Happy Axe

This fine establishment features all of the local ales and is a favorite spot for hungry adventurers. This tavern serves the most popular local delicacies. Always has a room for a weary travelers."

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