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A rookie adventuring party originating from Minthras Imperium. During the events of Mind over matter, Faultless Arrow encountered the only surviving member - a human fighter Rupert. He's not the brightest, and his signature move is charging at the enemy without a second thought. At the temple of Fharlaghnh he couldn't stop talking about his party's last adventure and how he wants to find enough treasure to revive his "Associates":

R&A investigated an orc hideout somewhere in the Waste. When they reached the hall where the orc leader should reside, they istead found a dragon. The description of the dragon matched the features of Zytophar, who Faultless arrow killed in Eremus minor along with its young offspring. This dragon, however, seemed to be somewhat weaker than Zytophar. Rupert has no recollection of how the fight went on, probably because he was knocked out at the very beginning after charging into dragonfire. When he came to, his party members were all dead, but untouched. Rupert concluded that they died peacefully of their wounds after defeating the dragon, whose blood and scales were scattered around the room, but no body was found. No dragon hoard was found either, which struck you as strange and unusual. Instead the dragon seemed to hold the position of orc leader and had some weird shamans by his side. Rupert piled the bodies of his friends on a horse and brought them to the nearest town of Wildemere, where "a nice person agreed to store them" while Rupert is raising money for resurrection.

Rupert didn't have enough to resurrect his three companions: a cleric, a rogue and a wizard, so he ventured north. In Tamor, he met with Jason, a cleric of Fharlaghnh, who guided him on a search of a legendary drug ayahuyasca. Jason convinced Rupert that it was his destiny to find this drug and recover the sacred knowledge that lies within himself. Rupert believed that following his destiny would make him a great adventurer, and collecting the treasure to revive his companions will be a piece of cake. During the ceremony, he nearly died, and when the party rescued him, he seemed to be much more centered on the now. He didn't talk about his dead friends as much, maybe he have accepted their departure.

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