Quirks are negative traits that characters acquire throughout their adventures. These are meant to be mild character flaws that allow the players to give more details to their character. The players are encouraged to think of effects their quirks might have that are not listed (for RP purposes, but don't overdo it).

Acquisition Edit

At level 5 and every 5 levels afterwards (e.g. 10,15,20) every character develops ONE new quirk. First the player randomly rolls 2 quirks from the list below (dice roller here) and chooses one of them for his/her character. If both are unacceptable then the player may choose any TWO quirks from the list but he/she has to adopt BOTH.

List of Quirks Edit

Roll Name Description
1 Unlucky This character is extremely unlucky. Rolling a 2 counts as a critical falure once a day (so any further twos that day are counted as normal).
2 Hemophiliac When hit for x damage the character has 3x percent chance of bleeding heavily (1d6 damage per round until healed at least 1 HP).
3 Thin Skinned This character is very easily offended and often reacts out of anger. To suppress this outburst the character has to do a Will save.
4 Misses the Spot This character often misses out on great opportunities. Critical hits have a 25% chance of just being normal hits.
5 Clumsy This character somehow bungles the simplest tasks. DC is 3 higher for all Dexterity based skill checks and rolling a 2 for such tasks is a critical fail.
6 Easily Winded This character gets tired easily. Character gets fatigued (-2 STR, -2 Dex) after 5 rounds of fighting or from extended running.
7 Wandering Mind This character does not pay much attention to his/her surroundings which allows other to get the drop on him/her. -3 to Initiative and +5 DC on distraction related saves.
8 Weak Grip This character has weak grip and tends to lose his/her items. Character has 25% chance of dropping held items when rolling a critical fail on attack.
9 Gambler This character loves risks and gambles a lot (he/she usually loses). Resisting the temptation requires a Will save.
10 Impatient This character is always on edge and finds it unbearable to wait any longer than necessary. Carrying out tasks that involve calm and patience (e.g. waiting in ambush, hiding, sneaking) requires a Will save otherwise he/she bungles the task. Also, this character can not Delay his/her turn in combat.
11 Thalassophobia This character is irrationally afraid of sea travel and tries to avoid it at any cost. Resisting the fear requires a Will/Fortitude save, if failed the character tries to escape to land. If that is not possible he/she falls ill (-4 to all abilities while at sea).
12 Portalphobia This character regards all forms of planar travel and teleportation as unnatural and refuses to travel by these means. With a high enough Will save this phobia can be temporarily overcome. If the character is forced to travel against his/her wishes he/she falls ill for 8 hours (-4 to all abilities).
13 Weak Stomach This character has a weak stomach and has to watch out for what he/she ingests. After drinking a potion the character must succeed a 10+5N DC Fortitude save (N is the number of potions he/she has already drunk in the last 10 minutes). If the save is failed the character throws up the potion which has no effect on him/her.
14 Alcoholic This character is addicted to alcohol (although he/she would never admit it) and takes every opportunity to drink (resisting requires a Will save). When Drunk he/she gets +2 STR, -8 DEX and -4 Char (against non-drunk character, +4 against drunks). Also every attack he/she makes has a 25% chance of missing. Drunkness lasts 4 hours, afterwards the character becomes Hung Over (-2 to all abilities) for another 8 hours.
15 Speech Impediment This character has a slightly irregular speech which makes it much harder to be convincing: -2 to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate.
16 Bad with Money For some inexplicable reason this character just can not hold onto his/her wealth. He/she gives enormous tips, buys useless junks. If not for his/her companions this character would be a pauper. (Either the player RPs it or every gold reward for this person is reduced by 10%).
17 Ignorant This person is just ignorant of the world. -3 to all Knowledge skills.
18 Nagging Ex This character was once married but later realized it was a mistake. Still his/her ex keeps interfering with his/her life. (RP only)
19 Beauty Sleep This character really needs his/her daily rest. If he/she doesn't get it they get Cranky (-3 to all social skills) and Sleepy (-3 to Spot, Search, Listen, Sense Motive).
20 Night Terrors Due to his/her previous experiences this character suffers from night terrors. Every time this person sleeps there is a 1/20 chance of waking up screaming and flailing (-2 to all abilities for the next day).
21 Divine Plan This character believes everything happens according to a divine plan, making him/her complacent (e.g. won't ask for a higher reward) and instead of trying to change things he/she would rather pray.
22 Claustrophobic This character is afraid of tight spaces and will try to avoid them (can be overcome with Will save). If forced into one and fails the saving throw then -2 or -4 to all abilities for 4 hours (depending on how tight the space is).
23 Easily Tempted This character finds it very hard to resist any form of temptation be it gold, food, drinks or other forms of pleasures (resisting requires a Will save).
24 Chivalrous (Male only) Whether due to a vow or natural inclination, this character does not fight women (can be overcome by Will save). If forced to fight and fails the save then he holds back in the fight (-2 Attack and -2 Damage, 20% spell failure against women).
25 Coward This character scares easily (+5 DC on all fear effects) and will try to ensure his/her safety both in and out of combat.
26 Gullible This character is very naive and is willing to believe outlandish lies: -10 Sense Motive.
27 Too Honest This character is pathologically honest and does not understand guile (can be overcome with a Wisdom check).
28 Seizures This character suffers from an unknown affliction that causes random seizures at the most inopportune times. When rolling a 1 in addition to failing the task the character has a 25% chance of suffering a small seizure (stunned for the next round). In combat a seizure overrides the effects from the critical fumble roll (e.g. will not hit friendlies, will not lose weapon).
29 Stalker

This character has an unhealthy obsession with one of his/her companions (RP only, don't be too creepy)

30 Nearsighted This character can't see very well very far: -4 to all Spot and Search checks, -2 to ranged attack rolls, and -2 AC against ranged attacks.
31 Dandy Appearance is very important to this character. When suffering a hit from an enemy (or ally), this character might stop all activities and will start inspecting the damage to his/her clothes and appearance. (I.e. when taking a critical hit, the character will lose his/her next round in addition to the standard critical hit effects.)
32 Merciless This character doesn't know mercy. When a fight has already started, he/she will not stop until all enemies are dead. He/she doesn't let them get away, will even pursue them if needed, and is unwilling to flee a battlefield (can be overcome by Will save).
33 Pathological Liar This character is infamous for being a liar (but not a good one) and often lies for no reason (you can RP it too if you want to): -10 to Bluff checks.
34 Bravado This character is overly confident in his/her capabilities, and may fail even when he/she is sure to have what it takes. Independent of his/her roll, the character has a 10% chance of failing skill checks. (This is not a critical fail. If a character rolled critical on d20, that roll overrides this effect.)
35 Overwhelmed in Combat When in battle, this character is overwhelmed by all the sensory inputs. Regardless of the tactical situation, when this character suffers a hit, his/her next action will be to try their best and attack the one who dealt the blow.
36 Nausea This character gets sea-sick very easily. He/she also has problems riding in wagons or on horseback for prolonged periods of time without throwing up. This works like being permanently distracted when at sea, in a wagon, or on horseback.
37 Depression The character gives up on trying, life seems too hard to live, even in the situations where it can lead to death or serious consequences. Short term solution is for other characters to order him around, but if they do it too often he stops responding to that either. RP only. More guidelines for RP can be found in lists like this:

(i) lack of focus (ii) hopelessness (iii) no self-worth (iv) fatigue (v) insomnia or sleeping too much (vi) restlessness (vii) guilt (viii) suicidal thoughts.

38 Rare gene Something about the character's appearance is completely different from anyone of his/her race (e.g. albino). Only very educated people know of this condition, common folk attributes it to a curse, bad omen or demonic possession.
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