Capital of Rubia Edit

Oringrad no armies

Oringrad was the seat for the kings and queens of Rubia for centuries. Combined with its advantageous position on the Red Orin river allowed it to become the trading hub for the Kingdom.

The city comprised of three districts:

  1. Outskirts: built on the riverbank, these are the results of the city's expansion. Home to the Craftsmen Quarter, Builder's Hill and Pauper Alley, this is where most of the city's 40000 inhabitants lived.
  2. Cathedral Island: the center of Oringrad named after the enormous Cathedral of Pelor erected there after the Kingdom of Rubia was founded. Due to the limited space and growing population only the wealthy and the powerful could afford to live there. It also housed the Great Market of Oringrad, where one could find anything they wanted (for a price).
  3. King's Island: Home to the Royal Palace, this was the seat of power for the kings and queens of Rubia. The palace complex took up the entire island because it not only housed the royal court but also most of the royal bureaucracy in Rubia.

City of Flames Edit

Burning city

During the invasion of Rubia the Imperium laid siege to Oringrad. Rubian forces attempted to break the siege but their efforts proved insufficient against the Imperium's might. In the end The Faultless Arrow decided to use an Edict of Fire to destroy the invaders, saving the Kingdom but sacrificing the city.

The Edict summoned great firestorms incinerating everything within the Orin Valley, even the river was boiled away. At the heart of the storm lies what remains of the once proud city but it is now unrecognizable as the power of the Edict melted even the stone there. The firestorm will continue to rage until "the last Rubian blade be broken, or the bloodline of Rubian kings falls". None dare venture into the valley any more but those who approach its threshold swear that beneath the howling winds you can still hear the screams.

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