"It... It is a very powerful item, I assure you!"
The Mysterious Merchant is a gnome merchant who travels far and wide, dealing in magical and interesting items that are often of questionable usefulness. He travels from city to city in a covered wagon, and somehow always knows when and where to appear for parties of adventurers at the beginning of a quest.The Faultless Arrow encountered him twice, outside Gormouth and Oringrad, and purchased items from him both times. His identity and origins remain a mystery, but he appears to have great magical power. K developed an intense dislike for him.

Inventory Edit

  • Purse of Lesser Value: a leather purse that magically transmutes a coin stored within it into a coin of lesser value.
  • Dagger of Neediness: a dagger with an inscription that says "I will never leave your side." The dagger was purchased by Damos, who found in the heat of battle that it prevented him from wielding any other weapon. He eventually had the dagger reforged into a sword that grants immunity to disarmament.
  • Bagpipes of Ether: A set of bagpipes that turn their piper ethereal as long as they are being played at full volume. Purchased by Ravagella.
  • Homing Badger: purchased by Haereldor.
  • Grog of Substantial Whimsy: A concoction of great but mysterious power, purchased by Gruntz. He later drank it during the siege of Oringrad, and it permanently causes fruit to sprout from his hair in spring.
  • Bag of Infinite Marbles
  • Ring of Teleportation: Teleports itself (but not the wearer) to any intended location.
  • Potion of Hydration: a substance that is remarkably like water, and cures the drinker's thirst.
  • Band of Mending: a roll of silvery material that can be used to bind objects together. Purchased by Ravagella, who found that the bond it forms is irreversible by any conventional means.
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