"When dealing with monsters or people I only have one rule: if it is hostile, kill it."
Milton, bounty hunter

Milton is a human ranger (two-weapon style master) in The Faultless Arrow.

Early years Edit

He was born into a merchant family but as the youngest child of five neither could he inherit the business nor could his family afford to give him a proper education. So as a child he was turned over to the Knights of the Holy Flame where he became a squire to one of the knights. There he learned firsthand that the world is not black-and-white that even holy people can be selfish and evil while even outlaws can be kind and merciful. In the end he could not stomach the hypocrisy of the order and left.

Motivation for adventuring Edit

Fighting being the only useful skill he learned from the knights he quickly became a sellsword in a mercenary company to earn a bit of money. Later, as he became more skilled, he transferred into the bounty hunting business where he could choose what assignments to pursue and what jobs to turn down.

Milton met The Faultless Arrow on the way from Feyburn to Gormouth and joined them in their adventures on the islands of Two Sisters.

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