Malia Hartcourt, half-sister of Duke Sewell Hartcourt is a half-orc. She was born as the illegitimate child of the previous Duke Hartcourt and an unknown orc servant, likely captured during one of King Eckbert's successful raids against the Cleaver Orcs.

Early years Edit

Shortly after her birth, her father died, and Malia was raised by her brother, Sewell. She was living locked up in the duke's estate in Ingford, until her 10th birthday. Tension about orcs and half-orcs has been rising since Queen Merilda III succeeded her father, King Eckbert on the throne, and the duke deemed it safer to move Malia out of Rubia. He asked the help of Archmage Vilgefortz, who (in exchange for a non-specific future favor, no doubt) arranged for Malia to be moved to the Protectorate of Sol, far from Rubian politics. The ten-year-old Malia was accompanied by her maid, Hilda, who has been serving her, and raising her since she was born.

Malia and Duke Sewell exchanged letters every once in a while, and remained close to each other for the next 15 years, which Malia spent in Port Umana. She has been helping the owner of the Astral Crab, Martom, and dreaming about becoming a real member of the Hartcourt family one day.

Being legitimized Edit

Her dreams came true shortly after a nightmare. On the day of the Battle of Oringrad, Phoenix Guard soldiers caused a commotion in the marketplace of Port Umana, and soon Malia -- who went to investigate, and to help people who have been hurt -- found herself in the desert, dragged by a horse, her ankle still in the stirrup, and most of the skin on her back gone. She was found by four young adults who called themselves "The Hoods of Robin", they treated her injuries and accepted her as one of their own. Little did she know, that on the same day, her brother, Sewell died in Oringrad.

Several months later, the Faultless Arrow found her, and brought the news of her being legitimized as "Malia Hartcourt". Duke Sewell, resurrected, managed to convince Queen Merilda that after the almost-defeat at Oringrad it is time to make peace with the orcs. And who else would be more appropriate for this task than a Rubian noble, who also has ties to the orcs.

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