"To win a war a Legion general needs two things: people willing to give their life for their country, and a Legatus who lets you do your job. I have yet to meet someone who managed the second... "
Unknown general of the Imperial Legion

Decius Verginius

Decius Verginius is a high-ranking member of the Imperial Senate, he currently holds the office of Legatus Legionis. He is the senator overseeing the operations of the Imperial Legion, his bureaucrats handle the procurement and distribution of provisions and wages, as well as the transportation and storage of loot. People unfamiliar with the Imperium often make the mistake of dismissing him as "just a glorified bureaucrat", but he actually holds more power than any general in the Legion.

He tasked The Faultless Arrow with finding a piece of the legendary Godhammer. He promised them lands, honors, titles and wealth beyond measure but when the Arrow delivered on their end of the bargain he changed his tune and started talking about the vast expenses of the campaign and the memorial games honoring the sacrifice of Prince Gregor. In the end he payed in gold and gave the party an imperial writ that allows them to conduct business within the Imperium, but it became clear to the Arrow that this man is a true politician: his word does not mean much.

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