Lagash used to be the high priestess of Gruumsh in the Rockcrusher tribe. Due to a rash oath of service to Lord Ordric Hartward by their chief the Rockcrusher tribe was forced to travel from the Land of Cleavers to Silent Cliff and stand guard at the Hartward Manor. Although they were promised immortality, Lord Hartward never delivered on his promise, while the orcs promised him 20 years of service. With the aid of The Faultless Arrow she managed get her tribe out of service, allowing them to leave the accursed land. In the process she effectively replaced the chieftain, making the Rockcrusher tribe one of the few that are ruled by women.

Although they returned to their homeland but the luck of the Rockcrusher tribe did not improve: the Imperium has been waging a bloody war to subjugate the Cleaver orcs. At the battle at Ragged Gorge the orcs were defeated and the entire leadership of the Cleavers was lost. At this point Lagash found her calling: she gathered as many of the fleeing orc groups as she could and merged them into her tribe. Soon she became the leader of all free Cleaver orcs. Her goals are clear: to keep her people safe and to forge the disperate tribes into a united and free orc nation.

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