The Knights of the Holy Flame is a powerful military order dedicated to the worship of Pelor, god of the Sun and Light. The Order is especially powerful in the Kingdom of Rubia where the fear of the barbaric Cleaver tribes caused a great surge in enlistment.

Members take a sacred oath to serve the Light, fight Evil and uphold the Law. Once their training is finished the initiates are given a choice between becoming a knight or a paladin. While the former role is more akin to military service, paladins are lone warriors who set out to bring the Light to far away lands.

During the events of The Beast of Dewport Grandmaster Glailwich, the leader of the knights arrived to Dewport to eradicate the vampire menace. He enlisted the help of The Faultess Arrow but he did not anticipate that they would betray him and allow a doppelganger to assume his place. The "new" grandmaster ended the knights' campaigns against vampires and focused on the defense of the Rubia.

Recently, during the Battle of Kaedwen Crossing the Knights of the Holy Flame heroically sacrificed themselves so that the rest of the Royal Army could escape, giving Rubia another chance to fight the Imperium.

With the loss of its leadership and most of its manpower the survival of the Knights of the Holy Flame is doubtful.

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