"If you need a farmer, hire a man from Hastogar. If you need a miner, hire a dwarf from Dorahl. If you need a hunter, hire an elf from Londar. But if you need a warrior, hire a Northman from Nordterra."
Merchants' motto in the Imperial City

The Kingdom of Nordterra is a harsh realm with similarly strong, hearty people. Except for a few valleys the climate is too cold for agriculture so the kingdom relies heavily on fishing and grain imports from the Minthras Imperium. Most of the locals are expert hunters and strong warriors so many choose to try their luck in the Imperium as adventurers.

Nordterra is ruled by King Harald Magnusson I, a true warrior king with many great feats to his name. He is married to Claudia Augustus, sister of the Marius II, making him (and his kingdom) an ally of the Imperium.

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