"There is nothing there just a lot of f*cking snow!"
Unknown Rubian merchant

Cascadia is the northern neighbor of Rubia, it occupies most of the Cascadian Mountains and part of the Northern Plains.

Society Edit

Due to the high altitude the climate is extremely cold, most settlements are built underground. These underground cities are fairly self-reliant, almost functioning like city-states, each ruled by a thane.

Cascadia mountains
The majority and the ruling class of Cascadia are dwarves. High King Toremdir to whom all thanes owe fealty rules from Ironmar. As most dwarves he follows an isolationist worldview, concentrating most of his efforts on the expansion of the underground cities and mines.

As with most dwarven kingdoms, Cascadia’s artisans are famous for the high quality items they produce. One of their most valuable export is adamantium as no one in Rubia can work with that metal (except the local branch of the Barkshield Brother Foundry in Dewport, owned and operated by Cascadian dwarves).

Duchy of Dwarrowdale Edit

Northeast of the Cascadian Mountains lies the Duchy of Dwarrowdale, which is an autonomous Free State in the Kingdom of Cascadia. It is situated in the center of the Northern Plains, just south of the ˈErdâr Balbîth mountain range. Unlike the rest of Cascadia, it is settled mostly by humans. The capital city is Surujabâzar.

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