Forest dweller by mirchaz-daie2y1

Jason is a traveling priest of Fharlaghnh, like all of them. He's been tending to a temple in Tamor and to a small cabin in the woods near Oakvale, Rubia. He's not a fighting type, but he is an expert in performing the cleansing ceremony. In fact his cleansing ceremony is so good that Virginia wanted the Faultless Arrow to experience it. Maybe it would help with Chad's alcoholism and Calenor's vanity, she thought. So well before the events of the Godhammer campaign, she wrote a recommendation letter for Jason in case he ever encounters one of her party members.

Lately Jason has been reading the signs and omens that all pointed that a rare drug ayahuyasca can be made from herbs collected this particular year. He enlisted the help of an adventurer Rupert, who searched the woods all the way between free cities and Cascadia until finally finding one plant. Jason read the signs again and both of them traveled to an isolated cabin in Oakvale woods to wait for Fharlaghnh to bring them wanderers and lost souls in need of cleansing. Soon the Faultless Arrow showed up (maybe Rupert has mentioned his discovery to one too many people on his way, so Haereldor knew about them).

The ceremony didn't go as planned. It turned out that the signs Jason was seeing were affected by a presence of an outsider, an extraplanar being from the constellation of Badger that recently appeared on the night sky. The being was able to manifest itself through out-of-body experiences of the participants. Normally ayahuyasca just moves mind away from the body, giving incredible clarity to thought and purity to the body. It normally also gives the user some amount of control on how long to remain out-of-body, but that control was completely taken over by the pseudonatural Badger. After Faultless Arrow defeated it, Jason collected their account of their experience and will record it in the temple chronicles.

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