"If Greatness is measured by Conquest, there are few Greater than Gregor the Conqueror..."

Auronius, uncensored version of the Encyclopedia Imperium

Gregor Augustus, Emperor of Minthras, Conqueror of Kingdoms, Ruler of Mountains, Bringer of Life and Death was the second ruler of the Minthras Imperium. He is often referred to as Gregor, the Conqueror as he spent most of his rule expanding the borders of the empire. His conquests include the kingdoms of North and South Hastogar, the gnome homeland and the Kingdom of Ilorin.

Gregor conqueror

Although he is mostly known for his conquests, he expanded the infrastructure and economy of the Imperium just as much. He pacified the nomads of the Plains of Ao and established the city of Steelcairn there, the first port city of the Imperium and home of the Imperial Navy. He also instigated the greatest geoengineering effort in the history of the continent to turn part of the Eastern Waste habitable. These efforts led to the creation of Eremus Minor, the only province of the Imperium that was conquered from Nature, earning him the nickname Bringer of Life.

While Fortune clearly favored him in the battlefield he was not so lucky in his personal life. His wife Cassia died soon after giving birth to his only son Marius. Gregor spent little time with his son as he went from one conquest to the other. This led to a very formal, cold relation between them, their family was held together by duty, not love. Yet, as Gregor grew older his loneliness became oppressing, so he decided to marry Lucretia who was 21 years his junior. Soon Caludia was born. After a brief period of bliss Gregor became obsessed with the colonization of Eremus Minor and became the absent parent that his son already knew him to be. As soon as Claudia came of age Gregor tried to marry her off to foreign rulers (most prominently to King Eckbert of Rubia). With the aid of her half-brother Claudia managed to resist her father who relented and moved onto other projects.

Gregor died in A.I. 57 at the age of 71. A month of mourning was proclaimed in the entire Imperium with many festivities dedicated to the late emperor. During these events one could see many loyal subjects shedding honest tears for their late ruler, but his family's eyes were always dry.

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