"The Emperor is our Father, our Protector, his justice breaks the lawless and brings order, his righteous fury smites our enemies. As our Father he not only watches over and protects us but also loves us all. For that, each and every one of us owes him not just our gratitude and obedience, but our Love as well..."

Auronius, Encyclopedia Imperium

Marius Augustus II, Emperor of the Minthras Imperium, Protector of the People, Vanquisher of Orcs and the Rightful Ruler of the Old Continent is perhaps the most powerful man on the continent. His rule is absolute, his words are law yet he knows that he is in charge only as long as he has the support of powerful factions within the Imperium.


Marius II is the grandson of Marius the Great, King of Minthras who conquered the neighboring kingdoms and founded the Imperium, while his father Gregor the Conqueror doubled the size of the empire. He desperately tries to live up to his ancestors (or even surpass them) but he is hindered by his late ascension to the throne (his father died at 71, Marius was 47 at the time) which leaves him little time to accomplish that.

So far he has ruled for 7 years during which he finished the conquest of Ilorin, started by his late father, secured the western border of the empire (by strategically marrying his half-sister to the king of Nordterra) and vanquished the Cleaver orc tribes. All these triumphs, however, are overshadowed by the catastrophic invasion of Rubia where, for the first time in history, the Imperium met defeat. To save his legacy Marius will need to restore the Empire's honor as soon as possible...

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