The Dwarrowhome ('Khizadîn = "place of the dwarrows") is the last refuge of the dwarrows, deep in the ˈErdâr Balbîth mountain range.

Dwarrowhome parchment

It is organized into five levels:

  • The Temple of Moradin: The priests and the Council of Elders reside here. This level also contains the Library of the Chronicler Shebtâr.
  • Stocks: Plants and livestock are kept on this level for food and raw materials. Wood and leather are rare and seen as valuable goods.
  • Crafts: This level produces essentials for dwarrow life.
  • Smithing Level: Metals are made into tools and weapons.
  • Mining Level: Rock, crystals, adamantium and other ores are mined on this level.

Old Dwarrowhome Edit

The Old Dwarrowhome was abandoned centuries ago after an attack by mountain orcs.

Old Dwarrowhome overview