"I know my vassals, I know they serve me only as long as it is in their interest. Except Duke Sewell of course. He and his ancestors have been loyal to my family for generations."
Queen Merilda III, queen of Rubia
Duke Sewell

Duke Sewell Hartcourt is one of the highest ranking nobles in the Kingdom of Rubia. His lands are mainly on the north-eastern side of the kingdom, putting him in constant conflict with the Cleaver orcs. His family has been proudly serving the kings of Rubia for 6 generations, the Hartcourt family is considered to be the most loyal vassal in the realm. The main Hartcourt family estate is Ingford, situated near the King's Road between Dewport and Silverhill.

During the imperial invasion he led the Royal Army. Despite his efforts they were defeated both at Kaedwen Crossing and at Oringrad. During the battle for Oringrad the Duke led the charge against the Imperial Legion's HQ, but the attack failed due to the lack of support from special forces (e.g. The Faultless Arrow). Although he was slain by imperial troops, he was later resurrected by the priests of Pelor.

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