The Council of Mages is a council of wizards who advise the queen of Rubia in times of great magical danger. In peace, the monarch is advised by the head of the Council, the Archmage, who resides in the court in Oringrad at all times. (Recently in Sylnerion.)

The Council has a total of 13 members, including the residing Archmage. It is common that mages serve their full duty in the Council without the Council ever being called together. When not advising the Queen, council members are free to leave Rubia, and in fact they frequently do so to visit empires of the Old Continent and the Western Continent. They are however, required to return to the queen's court immediately at the summon of their Archmage.

Recent history Edit

The current head of the Council is Archmage Vilgefortz. He has been a close friend and tutor of Queen Merilda III, and was promoted to the position by the queen herself, after the death of the previous Archmage, Archmage Asdore.

One of the most famous scandals in the history of the Council was during Archmage Asdore's time, when one of the council mages, Alaldir killed another council member, Pengoldir, as well as the innocent bystander, Kari. This resulted in Alaldir banished from the council. However, when Archmage Vilgefortz heard about the threat of the Edicts posed by the Minthras Imperium, he decided to ignore Asdore's ruling, in favor of uniting the Council of Mages. Ultimately, he neither knew Alaldir personally, nor cared much about the whole matter, and most of the involved parties were dead anyway.

Even with this effort, the Council couldn't prevent the attack on Rubia, and several members of the Council died during the Battle of Oringrad, when facing mages of the Arcane Directorium.

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