"If the Imperium takes Oringrad the war is lost. That can not happen. If all else fails we will have to destroy the city to save the Kingdom..."
Archmage Vilgefortz to the Council of Mages before the battle of Oringrad

Archmage Vilgefortz is the leader of the Council of Mages and royal advisor to Queen Merilda. Before her ascension to the throne Merilda was tutored by Vilgefortz who la

ter used his personal connection to the young queen to elevate himself to the vacant position of Archmage.

As royal advisor Vilgefortz has great influence over Rubia and many believe that he is the mastermind behind most of the Queen's policies (e.g. colonization of Two Sisters, orc slavery). The party has come to know him personally and it has become clear to them that Vilgefortz is very much a pragmatist willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the prosperity of Rubia (and in turn his own).

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