"You have brought orcs, mind flayers, a dragon and an army of undead to save Rubia. But have you asked yourself: Are you still on the side of Righteousness? You are letting the Illithids and the orcs enslave the living while the necromancer defiles the dead. Is it really the Imperium who is Evil?"
Archmage Travenus to The Faultless Arrow before the battle of Oringrad

Archmage Travenus is the advisor of Emperor Marius II on all matters magical. Before that he served the Emperor's father in the same capacity. This gives him an extraordinary amount of influence in the Imperium, making him the de facto head of the Arcane Directorium. Similar to his counterpart in Rubia he is described as a calm pragmatist by his allies and as a Machiavellian manipul

ator by his enemies. His actions usually aim to strengthen the Imperium or the Emperor, thus increasing his own power as well.

The Faultless Arrow briefly encountered (an image of) Travenus during the siege of Oringrad. He attempted to persuade the party to switch sides but the Arrow stood by their oath to Rubia no matter what riches he promised.

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