"There's no such thing as an anti-magic orb! It's just a fancy name stupid people use for anti-magic fields."

unknown novice at the Arcane University, on his last day before being expelled

Anti-magic field Edit

An anti-magic field suppresses any spell or magical effect used within, brought into, or cast into the area, but does not dispel it. Frequently used as: anti-magic cuffs (to contain spellcasters), anti-magic orbs (as an area effect).

Anti-magic orb Edit

An anti-magic orb is a rare and sophisticated item in the shape of a black, mostly opaque orb. Any magical effect that enters the orb's field is suppressed, including raw arcane energy. Magical energy contained inside any non-living object is rendered permanently unusable and/or is dispelled.

The orb is created from a solid application of crystalline obsidian polished into the shape of a perfect sphere, the core of which contains a three pound proteum crystal drawing in the energy for the orb's effect.


  • Regular: The orb may be activated and deactivated at will. When activated, it projects a spherical anti-magic field with a diameter of 30 feet.
  • Wondrous: Once crafted, the orb can only be destroyed by non-magical means, and cannot be deactivated. Its anti-magic field is widened to a 30 mile radius sphere, and is frozen in time and space by adding the bodily fluids of a Time Dragon at the time of crafting.

(Parts of this are from the Anti-Magic Orb dandwiki page, however, this is a modified device, and that page shouldn't be treated as a reference.)

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