In the Ancient Era, the power division on both the Old Continent and the Western Continent was different from the current kingdoms. Brutal wars were being waged between clans of the Old Continent, which only exacerbated when people have tamed magic. For a long time, deities looked on these wars indifferently, or even aided them through their paladins and clerics.

However, when the peaceful population of the Western continent was threatened by the Eastern brutes, the gods decided to intervene. At the time, the Western continent teemed with magical creatures living in peaceful harmony (including the famous, now extinct Time Dragon population). When the Eastern clans invaded and massacred thousands of creatures, several deities agreed to send Angels to facilitate peace. The clans were driven back to the Old Continent, and the Protectorate of Sol was established: both as a sanctuary for the surviving magical creatures and as a means for the then-uneducated masses to gain a better grasp on magic and manners.

As a result, more powerful and educated rulers started to emerge in the East. The Divine Intervention marked the end of the Ancient Wars.

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