"What cliff? Is that in Rubia?"
Unknown courtier from Oringrad

This is a small barony that stretches from the northern bank of the Red Orin to Emberfrost, from the west it is bordered by mountains and from the east by a forest. It is sparsely populated as the land is not the most fertile and the local trading hub is Emberfrost. Still, Aerlcliff is home to The Faultless Arrow now.

The center of the barony is Arlcliff Manor which is a fortified manor on the riverbank next to the village of Aerlcliff. The barony has several other small villages. The previous baron has fallen in the Battle of Kaedwen Crossing and Imperial troops have looted the manor, but the party can probably invest in it a bit and restore it.

Staff and day-to-day operations Edit

A steward has been hired to oversee the reconstruction of the manor and the day-to-day operations of the estate. His and the servants salary will come from the tax from the villages.

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