The ˈErdâr Balbîth ("mountains of fresh crystals") are an enormous, towering mountain range in the northern part of the Old Continent. They rise up from the Northern Plains and are drained by the Kibil-nâla River. Surujabâzar is the only large city close to the mountains. The ˈErdâr Balbîth range is covered in glaciers. It's forested valleys are inhabited by mountains orcs, trolls, fey, and treants.

The Valley Edit

The largest valley, just north of the tall front range, is known as The Valley. Glaciers feed a great lake, which is drained by a maelstrom. Mountain orcs live in the south of The Valley. Every century, they celebrate the Gruumsh Games. The forests are inhabited by Seelie Court Fey in the south and Unseelie Court Fey in the north. The Beacon, a seam of adamantium ore that gleams in the sunset, marks the range north of The Valley. The Darkest Forest, inhabited by treants, lies at the foot of this range. The entrance to the Old Dwarrowhome is located below The Beacon. It leads to the Dwarrowhome ('Khizadîn), the last refuge of the dwarrows.

The Valley map
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